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Getting good advice in any business is key. In some cases, it can make the difference between earning money and losing it.

Mark One Consultants have been advising businesses and organisations on all aspects of I.T. for the past 15 years, providing solid solutions and services that really make a difference. We offer a trustworthy source of information and advice to businesses who really want to improve their I.T. deployment and make it a valuable asset.

Whether its a first server installation, adding new workstations to your existing network, or building an entire infrastructure from scratch, upgrading it or migrating it, we have the knowledge, skills and technical expertise to implement the right solution for you.

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Change does not need to be scary, and we are here to make change as easy and painless for you as possible. Upgrading servers, workstations, tablets or mobile devices means new technology will be available to you which is designed to increase productivity.

New generation operating systems and applications have enormous advantages to businesses over pervious versions but factors must be taken into considerations before the leap is made - this is where Mark One Consultants knowledge and experience is a vital link in the upgrade process.

Before you make that leap we offer full assessments and audits to ensure everything is in place beforehand and ensure that vital fall back plan is available at all times.

For more information on this or any other service we offer, please contact us.

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Network Our experienced team of skilled network engineers have worked in many environments, ranging from huge corporate networks spanning counties and countries, to small businesses with just a few machines. This experience enables us to offer a full range of networking solutions ranging from basic installations and management to remote infrastructure configurations and security.

From designing your network to installing it we have it all covered. We can create a brand new network from scratch, or add to and help to improve your existing network including finding ways to reduce running costs plus improving service uptime and availability.

Internet Not only do we have a huge wealth of knowledge on many business and home Internet Service Providers, we also are proud to be a Zen Internet Gold Partner. With a Support Contract from Mark One Consultants these years of knowledge and experience are now yours. We can recommend, setup and monitor internet connections and related services for our clients removing all the administration hassle for you.

Email A necessity in the modern business world, email is a rapid, cost effective means of communication unaffected by distance or time zones. Because of its high dependence, we implement systems and solutions that are robust enough to withstand the heaviest of workloads yet flexible enough to cater for your individual business needs and requirements.

Domain names Your Business needs its own Domain Name - It's your company website, your email, your identity on the web and like any system, it needs administration and management in order to provide you with the services you require.

From email redirection to DNS reconfiguration, we have the facilities to provide you with the answers and solutions to any of your requests. We offer domain management services to giving you an easy, single point of contact for any web related issue.

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