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We have unrivalled knowledge and experience that only comes from working in I.T. day in, day out. We love it.

Support Tracking App

Available to all clients under any of our support contracts we have an amazing online support tracking app.

This portal can be used to securely view up to the minute information and statistics on your account.

You can easily see how many hours of your contract are remaining and what areas of support have used up hours from your contract. Every support call, once completed, is automatically logged here for you to drill down into view details of the work that was carried out.

Using this on a monthly basis, it is easy to begin spotting trends and identifying where consistent problems lie. To take this one step further, it is possible to focus on particular instances, such as hardware failure and drill down further into this particular area. This would identify, for example, which particular PC has received the most attention over a particular length of time.

Click here for a demo video or for a live demo of our Client Portal please contact us.

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History. The story so far.

Back in 1998, a young Mark McLaughlin had an ability and passion for I.T. and wished to put it to good use, aiding local businesses in their continuing endeavours to achieve I.T. solutions that would benefit their own success.

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