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Remote Working

The ability to work from home has been realised by a large majority of people over the past years and in such a changing world, it is becoming the norm for more and more businesses.

Extending your office resources out to remote workers can be handled in a number of different ways depending on the requirements, and here at Mark One Consultants, we have the experience as well as the practical knowledge to assist your business and your staff with getting setup for remote working efficiently and securely.

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Our experienced team of skilled network engineers have worked in many environments, ranging from huge corporate networks spanning counties and countries, to small businesses with just a few PCs and laptops.

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Help and Advice

Getting good advice in any business is key. In some cases, it can make the difference between earning money and losing it. We have been advising businesses and organisations on all aspects of I.T. for the past 20 years, providing solid solutions and services that really make a difference.

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