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From general advice to procurement. Servers to security. We are here to help and advise.


As a company rule, we respectfully treat our client's money as if it was our own when it comes to the procurement process.

A company can either buy products and services that are best priced and fulfil the requirements of the job; or can spend more money on better quality products and services that are more expensive but offer greater reliability and performance. This balance is often a difficult choice for many organisations especially with no outside assistance. This is where we offer our years of experience and onsite working to help you make the right decision, explain and clarify what the business advantages and disadvantages are of each of your proposed investments.

From printing to network expansion, we have 'best practise' advice to ensure you are confident and knowledgeable when making that I.T. purchase.

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Covid 19 Statement

Last Updated 25/06/2020

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History. The story so far.

Back in 1998, a young Mark McLaughlin had an ability and passion for I.T. and wished to put it to good use, aiding local businesses in their continuing endeavours to achieve I.T. solutions that would benefit their own success.

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