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From general advice to procurement. Servers to security. We are here to help and advise.

Internet, Email and Domain Names

When it comes to all things internet, we have you covered. We have the expertise to assist with managing your domain names, email configuration and hosting and general connectivity.

Internet Providers

We have a huge wealth of knowledge on many business and home Internet Service Providers, we also are proud to be a Zen Internet Gold Partner. With a Support Contract from Mark One Consultants our years of knowledge and experience are at your disposal. We can recommend, setup and monitor internet connections and related services for our clients removing all the administration hassle for you.


A necessity in the modern business world, email is a rapid, cost effective means of communication unaffected by distance or time zones. Because of its high dependence, we implement systems and solutions that are robust enough to withstand the heaviest of workloads yet flexible enough to cater for your individual business needs and requirements.

Domain Names

Your domain name is your businesses identity on the web and provides you with your addresses for websites, email addresses for staff and a whole host of under the hood services. This resource needs administration and management in order to provide you with these vital services.

From email redirection to DNS reconfiguration, we have the facilities to provide you with the answers and solutions to any of your requests. We offer domain management services to giving you an easy, single point of contact for any web related issue.

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Help and Advice

Getting good advice in any business is key. In some cases, it can make the difference between earning money and losing it. We have been advising businesses and organisations on all aspects of I.T. for the past 20 years, providing solid solutions and services that really make a difference.

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Our experienced team of skilled network engineers have worked in many environments, ranging from huge corporate networks spanning counties and countries, to small businesses with just a few PCs and laptops.

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