I.T. Onsite

Installations, onsite setups, monthly IT healthchecks - we got you covered.

Scheduled ICT visits

From small businesses to large corporations, primary schools to large acadamies, it is important to make sure the systems and technology you have in place are functioning at their best, so you can maximise what you can get out of them.

Regular ICT visits can be used to not only monitor existing systems and clear up any onsite issues, but are also an excellent opportunity to review and improve your IT systems, ensuring they are as effective as possible, and maximising your productivity. From a slow network costing you precious time, or regular system downtime, an ICT can help identify what is happening behind the scenes, and more importantly, what can be done to resolve it.

Our committed team of experts will be able to offer help and advice on the best, and most cost effective solutions for your needs.

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