Software Development

Apps, web apps, databases and desktop applications.

Bespoke software solutions

We understand that most organisations and businesses have existing systems in place to enable them to operate, but just how effective are these systems.

By looking at business processes, inputs and outputs, and roles of staff within a business, we can re-evaluate the existing systems to see if the current solution can be adjusted or reworked. We can then look to improve business output by bringing together a number of previously disconnected systems and procedures into a new, streamlined process, not only increasing staff productivity but also reducing costs in other areas.

Our solutions are based upon the latest programming languages and techniques including the framework and tools. Back end database storage and management is primarily designed, tested and deployed using Microsoft SQL database server offerings giving our solutions unquestionable speed, stability, and compatibility.

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Contract Support Services

Designed for stress free I.T., our support contracts are available in 3 simple tiers. And when they do not suit we can also create a bespoke package just for you.

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Help and Advice

Getting good advice in any business is key. In some cases, it can make the difference between earning money and losing it. We have been advising businesses and organisations on all aspects of I.T. for the past 20 years, providing solid solutions and services that really make a difference.

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